Training on RNA DNA extraction and PCR

We are organizing our first training on RNA, DNA extraction, PCR and results analysis. The training will continue for ten days starting from 07 2019.

This training includes:

  1. Primer designing and analysis by bioinformatics (Theoretical)
  2. Pre-requisites for RNA and DNA isolation (Theory)
  3. RNA isolation from serum samples (Practical)
  4. DNA isolation from blood (Practical)
  5. cDNA Synthesis of extracted RNA (Practical)
  6. Master mix preparation (Theory and Practical)
  7. PCR reaction Setup from cDNA and extracted DNA (Practical)
  8. Agarose Gel preparation and running (Practical)
  9. Analysis of results (Practical and Theory)
  10. Your suggestion and short quiz
  • Charges of training: Rs. 15000/=
  • Registration Advance. Our representative will come to interested candidates.
  • Available Seats: 10 only
  • First come first serve basis.


  1. Dure Shahwar (Ph.D. Biochemistry)
  2. Syed Irtiza Hussain (Ph.D. Biochemistry)
  3. Syed Zaigham Abbas (Ph.D. Biochemistry)
  4. Shukur Ullah Baig (M.S. Molecular Biology)

Students Comments

Tahira Nisa

This training was a learning training. At the start of this training I thought it is a just time passing & theoretical training but on 2nd day I felt I am learning new things as NCBI & other software which were unknown to me.

At last I want to say this team should program this type of molecular training for those students who really want to work with interest.

Contact no: 0332-5425039

Ali Abbas Haidery

I just want to thank you for arranging such a wonderful workshop .As concern to me before attending this workshop I don’t know how to proceed my study .I have multiple directions but which direction suits me I have no idea. But now after attending this training with proper guidance I have cleared almost all my concepts .again thank you so much all of you respectable management members.

Contact no: 0301-4972419